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The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute is calling for a close of cervid farms to prevent any further spread of chronic wasting disease.

Schoepp: Report shines a light on the threat of chronic wasting disease

The spread of CWD needs to be halted but there’s no simple answer for addressing the problem

Reading Time: 3 minutes [UPDATED: Oct. 20, 2021] The increase in the cases of chronic wasting disease in Alberta and Saskatchewan has caught the attention of policy advisors in Ottawa. A report from the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute highlighted an extreme urgency to prevent any further spread of the disease and the organization has called for a close of […] Read more

Its’ important to build a rotational system that incorporates diversity in plants and manage those pastures so the plants can continue to grow.

Schoepp: A solid foundation is key to resilience and can’t be neglected

This summer spoke volumes about the need for rotational grazing and regenerative practices

Reading Time: 3 minutes General Motors declared bankruptcy in June of 2009 after steadily losing money since 2005. GM’s plight has become a case study and is often used in education programs for directors on boards, but it also holds a lesson for farmers. During the time of its decline, GM was scrambling to produce a vehicle for everyone […] Read more

Schoepp: Unshakable faith and unrelenting hope in the face of adversity

Schoepp: Unshakable faith and unrelenting hope in the face of adversity

Farming is full of stories of people who find ways to move ahead despite incredible challenges

Reading Time: 3 minutes James Brown is Australia’s Farmer of the Year. He and wife Sarah were selected because of their sheer determination to survive a huge market collapse, widespread disease and a flood that took them from four million growing units down to 70. Their product? Pearls. Pearl farming is an ancient practice and each seeded pearl takes […] Read more

True innovation often starts with being curious.

Schoepp: The power of innovation is fuelling farms everywhere

Whether big like canola, niche like pig’s milk or unexpected like stinging nettles, there’s much to celebrate

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve seen and eaten some really amazing foods over the years. Cheese made from sow’s milk, rattlesnake, guinea pig, camel baked in cinnamon, insects and curious fish products. All made for memorable experiences — some that were more pleasant than others. I still cannot stomach camel or Vegemite, nor am I rushing out for grilled […] Read more

There is no “someday” in a succession plan. There is either a solid road- map in which all stakeholders have had a say and is now a legal document, or there are empty promises.

Schoepp: A promise with no timeline is not a succession play

The people in these four tales are very different but they all believed in a promise never fulfilled

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them. This popular saying could be made into a hit single — for farm succession. A man I’ll call Rick is in his mid-60s and still ranching on the same land his grandfather homesteaded. And while that might sound ideal, he has no […] Read more

Schoepp: Two similar families take two very different paths

Schoepp: Two similar families take two very different paths

The different lines we lay down for our sons and daughters have wide-ranging impacts

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is the story of two farming families and their daughters. It is a factual case study and highlights the impact of language and messaging; particularly between fathers and the future female farmer. Although located in different regions, the farms and families are very similar. Both had one daughter and several sons. Both farms were […] Read more

Research is looking for ways for livestock producers to get the best bang for the vaccine buck.

Beef 911: Our thinking about vaccinations is evolving for the better

Reading Time: 4 minutes We want to get the best bang for our vaccine buck, and research is looking for ways to do that This article will focus on some recent work on vaccination by Dr. Nathan Erickson and others at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. They basically had different calf groups vaccinated with different respiratory virus products […] Read more

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

Schoepp: Farms have become foreign places for far too many people

How food is grown needs to be part of the conversation from grade school to college

Reading Time: 3 minutes A reporter standing in a farmer’s field opened her newscast with this statement: “I never thought of agriculture being part of food but it is true! They are related. We get food from agriculture!” This person was honestly quite excited about this new revelation and their first road trip down a dirt road. As the […] Read more

There is strong evidence that consumers are looking beyond the brand to product claims.

Schoepp: Consumers are looking beyond the brand, and that’s a big shift

Products like grass-fed beef and ‘milk’ made from oats create powerful images in the minds of people

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you have ever found yourself wandering up and down the grocery store aisle with a furrowed brow as you make purchasing choices, you are not alone. We have all at some time been lost in the aisles and deviated from the list of things we just were going to ‘pop in’ for. What drives […] Read more