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Producers urged to consider commercial-scale composting

Producers urged to consider commercial-scale composting

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Recycling Council of Alberta has created a guide for farmers and rural landowners who might be interested in composting organic waste material from municipalities and businesses. Nationwide, about 2.2 million tonnes of organic waste are sent to landfills annually and it could be composted and spread on fields, the organization said. “We have traditionally […] Read more

Several jurisdictions in Canada have imposed a ban on disposal of food scraps as garbage, including Metro Vancouver, which required food waste to be recycled starting in 2015. (

Ontario waste plan to include ban on food waste disposal

Ontario’s new strategy for a “waste-free” province includes a proposal to ban food waste from disposal, instead finding “creative strategies” to recycle it. The province on Wednesday announced its new “Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy,” which calls for industries to divert more of the waste they produce away from landfills, and […] Read more

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Patents boost Alberta biogas company’s plans for expansion

Himark BioGas can now let potential clients independently 
assess the engineering of its leading-edge technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s been in the works for about a decade, but North American and international patents have been issued to Alberta-based Himark BioGas International for its unique biogas production technology. It’s a major step for the company, which was created to find a way to use manure from Highland Feeders as a biogas feedstock. “It’s part […] Read more

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Southern Alberta farm leading the way in green energy

Chris and Harold Perry have added anaerobic digesters to 
thermal and solar power generation on their Chin-area farm

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chris and Harold Perry take the power of science and sustainable farm practices very seriously. The southern Alberta farmers call it their “2020 vision” — reduce farm inputs such as water, fuel, electricity, and synthetic fertilizer by 20 per cent while increasing net yields by 20 per cent. And they don’t think small. In November, […] Read more