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Fusarium head blight is widespread in southern Alberta but is only present in small levels or not at all in the north. The province’s decision to remove it from the pest act has sparked a protest, including a call on the home page of the MD of Peace urging farmers to ask for a refund of the checkoff paid to Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley.

Fusarium removal from pest act sparks protest

Farmers in north fear the regulatory change will open the doors to fusarium — and make cereal crops unprofitable

Reading Time: 7 minutes The removal of fusarium head blight from Alberta’s Agricultural Pests Act has sparked protests from farmers in the as-yet-uninfected northern parts of the province. “My biggest concern is that we’re opening the gates to infect thus far uninfected areas of the province,” said Janice Reyda, who farms in the Peace Country near Brownvale. “Fusarium is […] Read more