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(Photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

GFO seeks longer comment period on neonic regs

Grain Farmers of Ontario wants the province’s environment ministry to reconsider the rush on the comment period for its proposed new controls on neonicotinoid seed treatments. The province has given the public, farmers included, a 45-day period ending May 7 to comment on its proposed regulations. “This is one of the busiest times of the […] Read more


No hill of beans: fababean acreage soars, soybeans may be next

Faba bean acreage has increased tenfold in two years and could 
double again next year, with soybeans following suit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every farmer knows a four-year crop rotation is best for good crops, healthy fields and managing pests. However, the four-year ideal often clashes with production reality: canola has been the big money-maker, and while legumes are good for nitrogen fixing, they usually pay less and can present big challenges with disease, standability and harvestability compared […] Read more

Preliminary results of Michael Harding’s night-spraying research show that morning may be the best time to spray fungicides.

Spray fungicides before breakfast and herbicides at lunch

Morning may be best for spraying fungicide, but save your herbicide application for midday

Reading Time: 3 minutes Time of day counts when it comes to spraying for weeds and diseases, a study being conducted by Farming Smarter suggests. “If we have a better understanding of which herbicides work better under different conditions, we might be able to come up with a schedule that will maximize our efficacies,” said Ken Coles, the Lethbridge […] Read more