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A New Hope Group company video shows a modern hog barn. New Hope Group, one of China’s biggest feed and livestock producers, says it’s one of numerous well-financed companies that are quickly rebuilding the country’s hog herd.

China says it’s winning the battle against African swine fever

When processing returns to normal, Chinese demand — if it continues — could lift battered markets here

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chinese hog industry officials say the country is poised to put African swine fever behind it as early as next year. But a leading Canadian authority says that may be premature. The fatal pig disease devastated China’s hog herd — the world’s largest — reducing it by around half last year and prompting the government to […] Read more

Being in a specialty market is helping to protect the hog operation run by Marcel Rupert 
(second from right) and his partner Tony Lansink (third from left).

Hog producers taking a hit as prices plunge once again

The low dollar is taking away some of the pain caused by a big increase in the American pig herd

Reading Time: 3 minutes The roller-coaster ride for hog producers has once again taken a steep downward plunge. “Prices really started to slide a couple of months ago,” said Marcel Rupert, who has an 800-sow farrow-to-finish operation north of Drumheller. And they may have a ways to go. The price of feeder pigs is a leading indicator in the […] Read more

Mangalitsa pigs are good natured and very lovable, says Malorie Aubé.

Hairy Hungarian heritage pigs find a new home in Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes People often do a double take when they see Malorie Aubé’s pigs. The heritage breed sports a thick woolly coat of black hair (white on their bellies), with piglets having horizontal white striping along their sides. Mangalitsa pigs — which originated in Hungary in the 1830s — are also a “lard breed” with a lot […] Read more