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Verifier Gord Stephenson, contracted by Where Food Comes From, hosted a panel featuring (from left) Stephen Hughes of Chinook Ranch (Longview), Anne Wasko of Bar 4 Bar Land and Cattle (Eastend, Sask.) and Les Wall of KCL Cattle (Coaldale).

Ranchers give thumbs up to sustainability pilot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers who participated in McDonald’s “verified sustainable” pilot showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the project and the lessons learned. “It felt like they (McDonald’s) were going to the grassroots where the other competitors were not,” said Les Wall, feedlot operator and owner of KCL Cattle Company near Coaldale. “I felt like the other […] Read more

Emily Murray, general manager of the Cargill burger patty plant in Spruce Grove, and Andrew Brazier, director of the worldwide supply chain with McDonald’s Corporation, both presented the results of McDonald’s global pilot project.

‘Sustainable’ beef pilot a success, but job isn’t done yet

McDonald’s pilot is complete, but now the Canadian beef industry has to create and implement its own standards

Reading Time: 4 minutes After being the first to source and track “verified sustainable” beef for McDonald’s, the Canadian cattle industry has a new challenge — create its own standards that all of its buyers can use. The wrap-up event drew more than 300 ranchers and industry players to celebrate the accomplishment — a sharp contrast to the quiet, […] Read more