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Ergot looks like blackened wheat seeds, and can easily contaminate feeds, causing lactation issues, lameness, and weight loss.

Test that feed — expert says ergot contamination on the rise

Last year’s wet spring has left a potential deadly legacy and ‘it doesn’t take much’ ergot to cause serious problems

Ergot-contaminated feed is on the rise and producers need to be testing to avoid poisoning their livestock. “Last year at this time, we were running 20 to 40 samples a month for ergot — we’ve had days this year where we run 40 samples, and lots of them are high concentration,” said Barry Blakley, a […] Read more

The symptoms of lameness related to ergot toxicity can be mistaken for foot root in the initial stages, but do not respond to treatment.

Were those frozen ears and sore feet caused by a cold winter?

Ergot-contaminated feed is causing a wide range of easily misdiagnosed 
herd health problems in Western Canada

Long, brutally cold Prairie winters could be masking signs of a serious toxin lurking in livestock producers’ feed bins, a University of Calgary veterinary professor warned feed and livestock industry officials recently. Dr. Eugene Janzen, assistant dean of clinical practice, said he was initially perplexed in the winter of 2013 when he observed Alberta feedlot […] Read more