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Provincial officials are hunting high and low for the source of the virus causing porcine epidemic diarrhea 
but it’s been a “frustrating” process.

Hunt for deadly porcine virus thwarted at every turn

Officials have gone to extraordinary lengths to find out how porcine epidemic diarrhea arrived here

Reading Time: 6 minutes The porcine epidemic diarrhea continues to spread while officials conduct a relentless, but exasperating, search for how the deadly virus is breaching biosecurity defences. Just two days before the fourth case was confirmed on March 15, officials outlined their exhaustive detective work to track down how the virus came to Alberta and how it is […] Read more

The process of dealing with a PED outbreak at an Alberta farm is just one part of a province-wide effort to prevent further cases.

Officials continue all-out effort to prevent spread of PED

Authorities say it’s ‘good news’ that the devastating disease hasn’t spread, but don’t know how it got here

Reading Time: 3 minutes Contain and pray it doesn’t spread. That sums up the approach officials are taking following the arrival of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in the province. So far, tests for the PED virus at other farms, assembly yards, abattoirs, and truck washes have come back negative. However, officials also don’t know how the virus made its […] Read more

University of Saskatchewan develops vaccine for PED

Reading Time: < 1 minute It has taken Saskatchewan veterinary researchers less than a year to develop, test and prototype a vaccine for PEDv, a devastating hog disease that has killed more than eight million pigs and cost pork producers $400 million worldwide. PEDv hit the United States in 2013 and spread to Canada in 2014. It was first discovered […] Read more

Though no on-farm cases have yet been confirmed in the province, an environmental finding shows Alberta hogs are still being exposed to PED.

Another close call for Alberta’s hog sector

The deadly virus was recently found in a transport trailer that was supposed to have been disinfected before crossing the border

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta hog producers are being warned to stay vigilant following the recent discovery of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in a livestock trailer. The “weak” positive sample was found in a trailer during routine monitoring several weeks ago. “What it means for us is that we are still being exposed to the PED virus through […] Read more

Regulatory wrangling ups the threat of PEDv in Canada

Regulatory wrangling ups the threat of PEDv in Canada

Livestock trailers coming from the U.S. could spread 
the virus across Western Canada, say pork officials

Reading Time: 3 minutes Washing hog transports in the U.S. before they return to Canada sounds good in theory — but it may actually increase the threat of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus here. “We are extremely concerned about this because essentially we’re going to be sending trailers to be firehose washed at some point in the U.S. where they […] Read more

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Massive biosecurity effort in hog sector proves its worth

The list of changes is long and no detail was deemed too small in the effort to keep PEDv out of Alberta

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to biosecurity, all the rules, time, and expense are worth it. And the proof can be seen in the successful effort to keep PEDv (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus) out of Alberta, attendees at the recent Canadian Livestock Transport conference were told. “Everybody in the chain has done their job to prevent PEDv […] Read more

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A dark cloud with a silver lining for hog producers in 2014

Five to Remember: The threat of PEDv hung over the sector all year, but the virus 
was kept at bay and strong prices helped heal years of hurt

Reading Time: 3 minutes Back in April, Murray Markert spoke for the entire Alberta pork sector when asked to sum up the mood of producers. “Relief” was the Vulcan farmer’s single-word answer. And that’s a good way to sum up the entire year. Despite a close call in October, the sector was poised to end the year the way […] Read more

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Upping biosecurity will pay dividends for years

Reading Time: 2 minutes The hog industry’s response to PEDv was a huge win for animal health, says a veterinarian who was on the front line of the effort in Alberta. “The pork industry already had the highest biosecurity standards out there, but with this disease, we’ve really put a lot of emphasis on it, and people have responded […] Read more

Second coronavirus tests come back negative for pig-handling facility

Pork producers warned to treat assembly yards, abattoirs and truck washes as potentially contaminated

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Pork release – The Alberta pig-handling facility where swine delta coronavirus had been previously detected was retested on Nov. 3, with all tests coming back negative for both coronavirus and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). The facility had voluntarily suspended operations following the initial positive test, and has now resumed business. Surveillance testing of high-risk […] Read more

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Alberta’s first positive PEDv test means increased vigilance

A positive test for PEDv and a second one for swine delta 
coronavirus were recorded at handling facilities, not farms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Two positive tests for porcine diseases in the province have experts reminding Alberta producers to enhance their biosecurity. A PCR test found porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) in the office at a pig-handling facility — the first time the virus has been found in Alberta. A second test, also at a pig-handling facility, detected a […] Read more