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Alberta potato producers back non-refundable checkoff

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta potato farmers have overwhelmingly voted to make their checkoff non-refundable. In a recent plebiscite, 56 producers (82.3 per cent) voted in favour of making the service charge non-refundable. There were 11 opposing votes and one spoiled ballot. There are about 140 licensed potato growers in the province, cropping about 53,000 acres (mostly processing potatoes) […] Read more

Michel Camps, with son Nick, eight, says opportunities are opening up for new entrants to potato production.

Bud the Spud would feel at home in Alberta’s growing potato sector

Alberta is third in potato production after P.E.I. and Manitoba, and more growth is around the corner

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most people don’t know it, but Alberta is the third-largest producer of potatoes in the country, after Prince Edward Island and Manitoba. “Currently we grow about 53,500 acres,” said Terence Hochstein, executive director of the Potato Growers of Alberta. The association’s 150 members have a big economic impact. The farm gate value of their potatoes […] Read more

Unlike other potato-growing areas, Alberta acreage has held steady. 
But producers fear cuts to their contracts may be coming.  Photo: Supplied

Alberta potato growers fearful of future

So far, high quality along with a strong reputation for hardy and virus-free seed stock has kept potato acreage steady in Alberta

Reading Time: 2 minutes The humble potato is suffering a very bad rap of late — and that has Alberta growers worried. Although full of vitamins, nutrients and fibre, the longtime staple has become vilified in the last decade and grouped with sugar and white flour as an obesity-causing ‘white food.’ And changing demographics and tastes has more North […] Read more