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Canada blocks poultry, eggs from Tennessee, Alabama

Cross-border travellers coming into Canada from the U.S. are being warned not to bring in raw poultry or eggs from Tennessee or Alabama following outbreaks of avian flu in those states. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Thursday announced restrictions on imports of uncooked poultry products, live birds and/or eggs from those two states until […] Read more

Last avian flu-related block on U.S. poultry lifted

The last of Canada’s temporary avian flu-related rules against cross-border travellers bringing in poultry and/or eggs from the U.S. has been lifted. According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, live birds, raw poultry, eggs and certain other raw or less-than-cooked poultry products originating in Indiana may again be brought into Canada. Lifted effective June 27, […] Read more

Most people have never heard of campylobacter, but it is a major global problem, says Christine Szymanski, CEO of VaxAlta Inc.

New vaccine for most common type of food poisoning

Campylobacter jejuni infections outnumber all the 
well-known causes of food poisoning combined

A team of Alberta researchers has developed a poultry vaccine that can protect against a little known but common type of food poisoning — campylobacter jejuni. “Reported infections of campylobacter in Canada outnumber all the well-known causes of bacterial food poisoning including salmonella, shigella, listeria, and toxigenic E. coli combined,” said Christine Szymanski, CEO of […] Read more

Poultry, eggs from seven U.S. states still blocked at border

While the U.S. has declared itself free of high-path avian flu, Canada is still warning cross-border travellers not to bring in poultry or eggs from seven previously affected states. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) on Thursday — a.k.a. Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. — rolled out a statement to remind travellers that Canada’s restrictions […] Read more

CFIA declares B.C. avian flu-free

With three months’ distance from the cleanup at the last of the province’s infected poultry barns, the federal government has declared British Columbia free of highly pathogenic avian flu. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Monday it had notified the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) that B.C. is considered free of notifiable avian influenza, […] Read more

Canada expands blocks on U.S. poultry, eggs

Canada’s avian flu-related ban on imports of poultry, birds and eggs from Washington and Oregon has been expanded to include the same products from California and Idaho. The ban was expanded after outbreaks of avian flu in poultry in the past week in both states, including a backyard flock of chickens in Idaho infected with […] Read more