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Look past the current woes of African agriculture and you’ll see vast potential, says South African farmer 
Theo de Jager.

African farms are vastly different but share common bonds

Subsistence farming is still the norm in Africa, but agriculture is the 
key to changing its economic fortunes

Africa is a world apart but as in Canada, farming is increasingly being recognized as a key driver of economic growth. “There’s no other way to fight poverty than to create wealth,” South African farmer Theo de Jager told an international gathering of farm journalists here last month. “And there’s no other sector in this […] Read more

A trip to Ethiopia, as part of a Canadian Foodgrains Bank learning tour, was eye-opening for Alberta agronomist Lindsey Cowan.

Hope and heartache in drought-stricken Ethiopia

When Lindsey Cowan went to Ethiopia in early February, she expected to find subsistence farmers eking out a meagre living on lands that haven’t seen rain in the past two growing seasons. She expected to find poverty, famine, and drought. But she didn’t expect to find joy amidst it all. “Everyone was running around with […] Read more