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Heat waves will worsen under climate change, says report

Climate change means there will be more heat waves and they will be more extreme, says the Prairie Climate Centre. Places which almost never see a heat wave, such as Yellowknife and Victoria, will see at least one period yearly when temperatures top 30 C for three or more days, said the University of Winnipeg […] Read more

Complete with video, this interactive map outlines a number of climate impacts that could affect Canada.

Website offers climate change forecasts

Developers of a newly launched website say it allows users to see what global warming could mean for their communities or regions in the decades ahead. The Climate Atlas of Canada was developed by the University of Winnipeg’s Prairie Climate Centre. It has data on 2,000 towns, cities, and regions. The centre said the warming […] Read more

If these climate change predictions come true, massive heat waves will be the norm. The map on the left shows the current situation: Most of the Prairies is shaded blue (meaning 10 or fewer days when the temperature tops 30 C) with only Palliser’s Triangle in the light-green or yellow zones (20 to 25 days of +30 C). On the right is the prediction for the years after 2050 if there isn’t a reduction in greenhouse gases — with 30 to 45 days of scorching hot weather in a typical summer.

Southern Alberta could soon have Texas weather

Want to see the climate projections for your county? 
New online atlas predicts a sweltering future

Western Canada is on an “inevitable” march towards hot, dry summers and mild winters that will make southern Alberta feel like northern Texas, according to a new climate change mapping program. “One of the big, striking conclusions of the atlas is that, even if we reduce emissions, we still see substantial changes to our climate,” […] Read more