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Clem T. Go-Fur not only inspired the creation of Torrington’s Gopher Hole Museum, but also led to the hamlet’s fire hydrants — all 11 of them — being painted as cartoonish gopher characters.

Clem to rise again

Since Clem T. Go-Fur was commissioned in 1991, the hamlet has become famous — infamous to some — for its playful dioramas featuring stuffed gophers

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is lingering mourning and a touch of anxiety in the hamlet of Torrington as citizens await the return of the community’s beloved mascot, Clem T. Go-Fur. The cartoonish overall-clad four-metre-tall statue was created in 1991, but has been out of service since last fall after falling off his pedestal. “I was very disappointed. It […] Read more