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A recent survey found three-quarters of Alberta producers have suffered predation loss, mostly from coyotes, but most never report the loss.

Wildlife damage is a problem — but not reporting a bigger one

Program changes aren’t going to happen if producers don’t start reporting wildlife losses

Wildlife damage is a big problem across Alberta — but you wouldn’t know it from the number of beef producers reporting losses to the Alberta government. About 60 per cent of producers recently surveyed about wildlife damage said that they never reported losses from predators, while 80 per cent never reported forage competition from ungulates. […] Read more

Gerty Sorensen and husband Albert are sheep producers from Bezanson who have had issues with coyote control.

Lamb producers tallying the cost of coyote predation

Coyotes are classed as pests, and so producers receive no compensation for lost livestock

It’s always a nightmare when a sheep producer goes out into the yard and sees that an animal has been ripped apart by predators. “Some years are worse than others,” said Bill Gibson, a sheep producer near Bashaw. “We did lose 25 lambs one year in a short period of time, and that was very […] Read more