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Can you afford to feed open cows this winter?

High prices have more than covered winter feeding costs, but now it may pay to preg check and cull

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pregnancy checking cows in the fall could save producers up to $250 a head in winter feeding costs — but is it really worth it? “Over the last 10 years, it really hasn’t been,” said Brenna Grant, manager of Canfax Research Services. “But there is a threshold, at about $1.02 per pound. If prices are […] Read more

Preg checking: Which method is right for your farm?

There are three methods to choose from, and each of them have pros and cons — as well as different costs

Reading Time: 3 minutes With cattle prices falling, it could pay to preg check your cows this fall — but which method should you choose? “The method that best suits your situation will really depend on the management of your herd, your geographic location, potentially even the year,” said Dr. Jessica Gordon, an assistant professor at the Ontario Veterinary […] Read more