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Fruit jam at the market

From the kitchen to the marketplace

Here are the key steps to consider if you want to sell a product you produce on your farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes What does it take to get a new product from your workshop or kitchen into a buyer’s hands? “Lots of time, patience and attention to detail,” says a provincial new-venture specialist. The first step is to do a self-assessment, said Elaine Stenbraaten. “Are you an entrepreneur? Understand that with a business you start, you assume […] Read more


The secret of success can be found in a simple breakfast spread

The man behind Nutella shows how simple ideas can be very powerful

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was first introduced to Nutella while travelling in Europe as a young woman — the thought of chocolate for breakfast was just too good to be true! Today, the sweet treat remains a frequent visitor to our home, disappearing in the early hours shortly after waking. The man behind the mysterious blend of hazelnuts […] Read more