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Report shows slower pace for rising farmland values

While lower-valued farmland more often showed a higher rate of increase, and price hikes varied from region to region, Canada’s farmland values on average have booked their slowest year-over-year rate of increase in almost a decade. That’s according to the annual Farmland Values Report from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), in which the federal ag lending […] Read more


Quebec offers aid to lessen brunt of U.S. tariffs

Montreal | Reuters — The Quebec government on Wednesday said it would spend $863 million over five years to mitigate the impact of U.S. tariffs on companies and the province’s agriculture sector. The plan would provide direct financial aid to some companies affected by the tariffs and would support investments to improve productivity, worker training […] Read more

Trust your people, dare to be different, and know your numbers

Trust your people, dare to be different, and know your numbers

Those are just three key tips from four innovative entrepreneurs 
who shared their methods for boosting productivity

Reading Time: 5 minutes Increasing productivity by 15 per cent by 2020 is one of the pillars of the National Beef Strategy, which was created by beef organizations across Canada and released in January 2015. During the recent Canadian Beef Industry Conference, four experts shared how they increase productivity on their operations. Darren Bevans Darren Bevans, general manager of […] Read more

Gaining more efficiency in “labour, power, and machinery” is the key to bigger profits, says Saskatchewan farmer Kristjan Hebert.

Looking to cut costs and increase profits? Try the five per cent rule

Increasing yields and your sale price by five per cent while 
cutting costs by the same amount can double your profit

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the sport of baseball, the difference between superstar Derek Jeter and a squad player is simply hitting one more ball every 20 times at bat — a five per cent improvement done “over and over and over again.” Well, that’s fine for baseball, but what does five per cent look like in farming? “If […] Read more

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Expert says productivity has trumped welfare in breeding programs

New breeding techniques could improve welfare-related traits in animals, creating a win-win for livestock industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animal welfare shouldn’t take a back seat to productivity, says an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist. “Health and welfare traits should take precedence over production traits,” said Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein at the recent Livestock Genomics in Alberta conference. “Successful livestock production will only be accomplished through welfare-conscious management.” But that hasn’t been the case in […] Read more