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Lakeland College uses the GrowSafe system to measure feed efficiency in the animals it tests.

Bull test changes a sign of the times

Bull testing has changed — shifting from selecting for size to selecting for feed efficiency

Reading Time: 4 minutes Manitoba’s lone multi-breed bull test station is the last of a dying breed. In its early days, the Manitoba Bull Test Station was a way for cattle producers to evaluate their genetics before genetic testing became de rigueur in the livestock industry. Opened in 1963 near Douglas, just east of Brandon, the Sire Indexing Centre […] Read more

(Photo courtesy Canadian Hereford Association)

Newfoundland seeks beef cattle breeder

The Newfoundland and Labrador government’s plan to build up cattle breeding within the province is advancing a step as the province seeks a farmer to mind a small Hereford herd. The province on Tuesday put out a call for proposals from farmers to take on a five-year contract handling a herd of five breeding cows […] Read more

Judging from the number of calls that one Alberta rancher receives about Sussex cattle, there a lot of producers who would like to have a purebred bull like the one reporter Alexis Kienlen saw in South Africa.

There’s a lot to love about Sussex cattle — but try finding any

Sussex cattle thrive in countries as diverse as England, South Africa, and Australia, but haven’t made it to Canada

Reading Time: 3 minutes I recently toured a South African farm that is home to the country’s most highly valued Sussex bull — a beautiful stud that recently appeared on the cover of one of the nation’s leading agricultural publications. South Africa is in the worst drought in 100 years, so bad that cattle farmers in other provinces have […] Read more

Peter DenOudsten, of Lacombe, has grown his Piedmontese cattle operation from a few cows in the late ’80s to the largest herd in Canada.

Is Piedmontese ‘the beef of the future?’

There’s just one herd in Alberta, but rancher Peter DenOudsten 
says yield and taste give the Italian breed a big advantage

Reading Time: 4 minutes Peter DenOudsten never intended to become a Piedmontese cattle producer when he bought a few cows in the late ’80s to graze off some grassland he couldn’t crop. “I only had a few cows and it wasn’t worth having a bull around, so I just got Dad to artificially inseminate them with some beef semen […] Read more

The Hays converter cattle herd, created by crossbreeding in the 1950s is being donated to the University of Alberta, where it will be studied using genomic research techniques.

Famed Hays Converter cattle find a new home — and a new future

Donating the herd to the University of Alberta will improve its genetics and make them more available

Reading Time: 2 minutes A herd of Canada’s first breed of beef cattle will soon be home on the range at the Roy Berg Kinsella Research Ranch. Dan Hays and his family are donating their herd of Hays Converter cattle to the University of Alberta for research purposes, with the herd moving to the Kinsella Research ranch by 2018. […] Read more