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Cleavers, in seedling form. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Cleavers not threatening exports, Canola Council says

CNS Canada — Suggestions that canola shipments to China could be in jeopardy because of concerns over herbicide-resistant weeds are being refuted by the Canola Council of Canada. Great Northern Growers Inc., an agriculture service business in Saskatoon that sells herbicides and other products, said it has heard China doesn’t want pesticide-resistant weeds coming into […] Read more

All players in the value chain believe “there is a significant risk to Chinese exports if quinclorac is used on canola,” says the Canola Council of Canada.

Canola growers asked not to use quinclorac herbicide this year

While the weed killer is registered in Canada, it hasn’t been approved 
in China, one of Canada’s most important canola customers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canadian canola growers are advised not to use the herbicide quinclorac on their canola in 2016 because China, one of Canada’s biggest customers, has not yet approved it. “Until these questions are resolved, growers should use other options to control cleavers on their farms,” the Canola Council of Canada says on its website. “It’s a […] Read more

Increased residue testing means Canadian grain is facing increased scrutiny abroad, says Canadian Grain Commission assistant chief commissioner Jim Smolik.

Watch what you spray — or the entire grain industry could pay

Grain buyers are testing pesticide residues like never before

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to pesticide residues, the world is watching like never before. “Everybody is looking more at food safety and health safety — there’s more scrutiny all the time with all the chemicals that we’re using,” said Jim Smolik, assistant chief commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission. He cited China as an example. The […] Read more