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Pizza chains expand antibiotic-free meat market

Canadian pizza chains Pizza Nova and Pizza Pizza are both staking out further space in the chain dining market for meats from livestock raised without antibiotics. Toronto-based Pizza Pizza on Jan. 23 announced it would source all chicken products on its menu from birds raised without the use of antibiotics, effective immediately. The company’s pledge […] Read more

Hogs raised without antibiotics at Spring Creek Hutterite Colony are growing as fast, 
and often faster, as conventional hogs.

Hutterite colony blazes antibiotic-free trail

You don’t have to sacrifice productivity or compromise health standards by 
going antibiotic free, say swine managers at Spring Creek Hutterite Colony

Spring Creek Hutterite Colony has become one of the first large hog operations on the Prairies to ship RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics) pigs to market. The colony, located near Walsh, shipped 200 hogs to Britco Pork in Langley, B.C. earlier this month and sent a second load a few days later. Britco, a specialty pork-processing […] Read more