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This is how we used to fence in the ’80s — low wires and overbuilt.

Making an old farm new again — sometimes without a playbook

The weeds were abundant and the pastures were tired, 
but we had faith that a turnaround was possible

Reading Time: 4 minutes The children had a book entitled Old Farm, New Farm that we just loved. It was the story of the rejuvenation of a farm — something that we did as a family. Never afraid of a challenge, I’ve purchased several farms to make new again. It was a great way to contribute to the world […] Read more

Cattle prices are strong, but margins remain very tight

Straight from the hip: Reducing feed costs, minimizing shrink, 
and smart marketing are key ingredients to profitability

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is a lot of frothing at the mouth with cattle prices the way they are. Even the banker’s handshake is warming up with these returns. But a lot of young folks are asking the hard question as they enter into agriculture and farming: Will cows pay? I am a little hard on the bottom […] Read more