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The biggest issue at North Peace Applied Research Association’s field tour last August was “the ferocious mosquitoes.” This year is an entirely different story.

It’s a whole new ball game for research associations this spring

Pandemic isn’t having a big impact on field trials but crop walks are very much up in the air

Reading Time: 4 minutes Field trials will go ahead — but showing them off to farmers will all depend, say the province’s research organizations. “There’s been a backing off of group activities,” said Allan Hall, executive director of the Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta, the umbrella group for six research and two forage associations. “In terms of […] Read more

Small-plot trials are designed to account for different variables, but producers put more trust in field-scale testing. Researchers are now developing protocols for conducting field-scale trials to see if they bear out the results from small-plot studies.

Scaling up: How to take small-size research from plot to field

Many farmers are skeptical of small-plot research results, 
but proper protocols are needed to scale up to a field level

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farmers are making some pretty big decisions off test strips — and that scares JP Pettyjohn. “We could flip a coin and pretty much come up with the same answer,” said Pettyjohn, a crop technology instructor at Lakeland College. “I don’t want an answer. I want the right answer.” Small-plot trials have been widely used […] Read more