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There’s huge money to be made by finding and selecting more efficient cattle, says Erasmus Okine, 
an expert in areas such as residual feed intake.

Get ready for super-efficient cattle — and a better relationship with consumers

Top researcher says big data and genomics are game changers, 
but winning the trust of consumers is equally key

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the ever-changing landscape of Canadian agriculture, efficiency is the new watchword. “If we can increase efficiency of production by about five per cent in Alberta, we can save producers about $100 million a year — even if only one-third of livestock producers adopt those efficient improvements,” said Erasmus Okine, vice-president of research at the […] Read more

bull grazing

Take ‘a little extra look’ at residual feed intake number

Beef research scientist says feed efficiency is a trait that 
can be measured and can lead to significant herd improvement

Reading Time: 2 minutes Improving the feed efficiency of a beef cattle herd can mean big savings for producers. One way to achieve this goal is to select breeding bulls that are naturally feed efficient, since 80 to 90 per cent of the genetic improvement in a herd comes through the sires. “With this being bull-buying season, I think […] Read more