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The pandemic has more older farmers thinking about their wills — and how to split up the farm, says consultant Merle Good.

Pandemic has many thinking about the future of the farm

If you plan to leave land to your off-farm child, you need a strategy that makes sense for the farm business

Reading Time: 3 minutes If the pandemic has you looking at your will and wondering how to split your farm up, you’re not alone. “COVID has increased the anxiety about our wills for all of us who are a little bit older,” said Merle Good, owner of GRS Consulting. “When I’ve talked to farmers about it, they’re starting to […] Read more

They grow up fast and that’s why farm families need to start planning early for succession and the tricky problem of how to transfer land.

The dilemma of transferring land

FarmTech: The successor needs land to farm, but the parents need money for retirement and a way to keep everyone happy

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a perfectly good reason why so many farmers are reluctant to hand the reins to the younger generation. “With land, you need it for the farm and you need it to run the business, but it’s also your largest contributor to the family wealth,” said Greg Gartner, a partner at Moodys Gartner Tax Law […] Read more

woman in wheat field

Talent, not gender, is what matters in today’s agriculture

Whether running farms or taking a leadership role in ag businesses, 
women are breaking down the gender barrier

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agriculture may be considered a male-dominated industry, but more women are not only recognizing the many opportunities in this sector, they are also taking on leadership roles. Gone are the days when farming meant back-breaking physical labour. As well, the trend towards larger farm operations has meant a need for different skills and capabilities, including […] Read more

Farm succession on your horizon?

Expert will be one of the speakers at Cow-Calfenomics

Reading Time: < 1 minute AARD release – An expert in farm succession is one of the speakers at this year’s Cow-Calfenomics seminars. John Reid of Solar Harvest Consulting will talk about having adequate retirement income, transition plans, and generating revenue from all available sources on the farm or ranch. He will also speak about a technique where a farm […] Read more