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Canada has adopted a new system of yield grades (which estimate how much salable beef a carcass will produce) and that has implications for producers and packers.

Making the grade — new yield standards will drive change

New yield grades based on what retailers want will affect both genetics and management

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canada’s new beef yield grade standards will make it easier for beef producers to know which of their cattle are hitting top marks — and which ones literally aren’t making the grade. “In the old system, we basically had a high, medium, and low classification, and for many years, we had more than half of […] Read more

Antibiotics should only be used to treat disease, not to prevent it, says veterinarian Craig Dorin.

Antibiotic resistance threat can’t be dismissed, say experts

Antibiotic use in cattle doesn’t appear to be a threat 
to human medicines, but their use must still be curbed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Despite intense scrutiny, there’s little evidence that antibiotic use in the cattle industry is increasing resistance to human medicines. But it could be causing increased resistance to antibiotics used to treat cattle, say two experts. There’s no question that using antibiotics increases the odds of bacteria becoming resistant, said Reynold Bergen, science director of the […] Read more

Numerous studies have found there are no health risks from using hormones as growth promotants in cattle, 
says Reynold Bergen of the Beef Cattle Research Council.

Concerns about hormones in beef fuelled by myths, says expert

Reynold Bergen says producers need to use facts to contest ‘myths’ about hormones used in cattle production

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fears about hormones in beef production are completely unwarranted, says the science director of the Beef Cattle Research Council. “There are no health risks associated with growth promotants, but producers spend a lot of time answering the public’s questions to explain the facts and dispel some of the myths,” Reynold Bergen said during a recent […] Read more