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Cows will be doing their part for beef research and marketing — those sold after will be subject to an extra $1.50 checkoff to fund those areas.

National cattle checkoff on its way up this spring

The national levy used to fund marketing and research is going up by $1.50 — 
the first increase since 2002

Reading Time: 3 minutes Come spring, more than the grass will be rising — the national cattle levy is going up $1.50 per head on April 1. “The impetus for us was the national beef strategy,” said Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers. “The national beef strategy is a plan for us for the next five years […] Read more

“We’ve been striving for a long time to have a directed checkoff and this does allow people to have some choice,” says Ryan Kasko.

Long-running cattle checkoff battle may be coming to an end

An agreement on an industry development fund is key to a tentative deal between Alberta Beef Producers and cattle feeders

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s not finalized yet, but the organizations representing cattle producers and feeders say they’re close to creating a fund to advance the province’s beef sector — and ending a nearly decade-long checkoff. “The Alberta Beef Industry Development Fund is a concept that would be able to be implemented with a non-refundable service charge,” said Rich […] Read more

Alberta Beef Producers applauds return of non-refundable checkoff option

Alberta Beef Producers applauds return of non-refundable checkoff option

The Alberta government will allow commodity commissions to hold a plebiscite on whether checkoffs should be refundable or not

Reading Time: 3 minutes The return of a non-refundable checkoff is welcome news for Alberta Beef Producers, which loses nearly one-quarter of its annual service fees to refunds. “We’ve always believed that decisions about funding a commission should be made by producers,” said executive director Rich Smith. “What (the provincial government’s) announcement does is really allow producers to make […] Read more

Many of the cattle now under quarantine would have been sold this fall. Now cash-strapped ranchers must feed them at a time 
when cattle prices are moving downward.

Quarantine comes with a ‘devastating’ cost

There are roughly 10,000 cattle under quarantine, and every animal can cost as much as $3 a day in feed and yardage

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ranches under quarantine in southeastern Alberta could be collectively losing $15,000 to $30,000 per day feeding and caring for the roughly 10,000 cattle they can neither move nor sell. And much of that money may never be recovered, which is prompting calls for a new approach to compensating producers whose herds are being investigated for […] Read more

Alberta Beef: Keep up country-of-origin labelling battle

Alberta Beef: Keep up country-of-origin labelling battle

Farm Vote: Rich Smith says next government must maintain the pressure on Washington in long-running dispute

Reading Time: 2 minutes Country-of-origin labelling — a.k.a. COOL — isn’t cool for Alberta’s beef producers. “We’re an exporting industry, and trade issues like country-of-origin labelling are probably our top priority,” said Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers. “In terms of the negative impact of COOL, it continues to have an impact of close to $1 billion […] Read more