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Manage your sheep pasture to reduce parasites

When it comes to sheep and goats, pasture management is not just about nutrition

Reading Time: 3 minutes Parasites in small ruminants can become a production problem that can’t be solved by throwing dewormer on your animals once a year. Keeping a parasite load low requires a strategy and good management. “Your goal is not to be completely free of parasites,” said Lynn Tait, small-ruminant veterinarian and co-owner of OC Flock Management. “That […] Read more

Heated canola seed can work well in rations, but the high fat content means it has to be used sparingly.

Three tips for feeding heated canola seed

Mouldy seed should be tested, it can gum up a mill, and don’t put too much in a ration

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to feeding heated canola seed to ruminant animals such as cattle or sheep, there are a few things to keep in mind. “Canola seed that is heated might be discoloured and have a smell to it, but can still be used,” said provincial beef forage specialist Barry Yaremcio. “If there is a […] Read more