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Nodding oil pump in prairies

Schoepp: What’s a more important sector: oil or agriculture?

Take a comprehensive look at the facts and the answer is obvious

Reading Time: 4 minutes As we drove through the blueberry fields and cranberry bogs in southern B.C., I thought of economic generators. What, I wondered, was a bigger sustainable economic generator to our nation: oil or agriculture? An environmental scan of an industry must include the long-term effects on people and the planet. The structures that we employ for […] Read more

Alberta Cattle Feeders CEO Bryan Walton

Feedlot association has a beef with crumbling infrastructure

Election 2015: More money needed to properly maintain rural roads and bridges

Reading Time: < 1 minute The next Alberta government needs to invest in rural roads and bridges — not just infrastructure in urban centres, says Alberta Cattle Feeders CEO Bryan Walton. “There was a commitment in the budget of $20.5 billion over the next five years, starting with $6.7 billion on a capital program (for roads and bridges),” said Walton. […] Read more

Xplornet’s Chris Johnston says high-speed broadband will be available to all of rural Canada by July 2017 following tower upgrades and the launch of next-generation satellites like the ViaSat-2.

Digital divide set to fall?

Company says all of rural Canada will have access to high speed by July 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes There finally appears to be light at the end of the tunnel for rural Canadians fed up with slow, inconsistent, or unavailable Internet service. New Brunswick-based Xplornet Communications recently announced it will offer high-speed, 25-megabytes-per-second (mbps) Internet service to all Canadians by July 2017, a move that may finally destroy the urban-rural digital divide. “To […] Read more

Infrastructure is the weak link in agriculture around the globe

Straight from the hip: We produce enough food to feed a growing 
world, but getting it to consumers is getting more difficult

Reading Time: 3 minutes The infrastructure in Canada to get farmers’ product to market is broken. Canadian farmers are not alone, as this is a concern worldwide, especially right after harvest. In most countries, piles of product sit by the road in the sun waiting for a pickup by the local truck. In some countries, such as Australia, lack […] Read more