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White pine weevils target the leader, or top branch, of young spruce trees.

Keep watch for insects that attack trees

There are a number of pests that harm trees, including yellow-headed spruce sawfly, spider mites, and white pine weevils

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are several insects that affect trees that you should keep an eye out for this year. “The yellow-headed spruce sawfly has been a problem for spruce the last few years, as well as spider mites,” said provincial agro-forestry specialist Toso Bozic. “White pine weevils have also been a problem for young spruce trees, as […] Read more

Wheat stem sawfly

Hot spots for wheat stem sawfly in 2016

Only a few areas are at high risk but one of them is much farther north than usual

Reading Time: 2 minutes The risk of economically significant sawfly populations in 2016 will be limited to only a few areas, according to the province’s new wheat stem sawfly forecast map. “For the wheat stem sawfly, we go into the wheat fields after harvest, look at four spots and count the number of stems that is intact and the […] Read more