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JC Cahill

Listen to your crops — the plants are talking to each other

They’re also ‘foraging’ for nutrients, deciding where to put their roots, and calling for help when under attack

Reading Time: 3 minutes You might think it’s crazy — but plants talk to each other and act in ways that are similar to animals and humans. “Step away from the idea of plants as factories and start to think of plants as individuals,” biological sciences professor JC Cahill told attendees at the Western Canadian Soil Health and Grazing […] Read more

New beef cattle researcher award offered

For researchers involved in programs related to competitiveness and sustainability

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) has introduced a new award that honours outstanding researchers for their contribution to the competitiveness and sustainability of the Canadian beef industry. The Canadian Beef Industry Award for Outstanding Research and Innovation will publicly recognize scientists and academics actively involved in strong research programs aligned with industry priorities, continually […] Read more