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It is estimated that 96 per cent of corn varieties have already been lost.

Encouraging seed diversity is essential for the future

We should mourn the loss of diversity in older crop varieties 
and the concentration of seed ownership

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the wonders of travel and of food is the vast varieties of plants that beautify our world. Many have medicinal and nutritional qualities and have been used for food or healing for thousands of years. Others are new hybrids that beautify the plate and add colour to our meal. They all have ancient […] Read more

corn seed

When it comes to seed, we live in a land of giants

Straight from the hip: Big seed, chemical, trading 
and retailing companies dominate world commerce

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Jack’s mother threw the bean seeds out the window, little did she know of their powers. Overnight, a large stalk had grown and Jack promptly climbed up the beanstalk to their future fortune. That fairy tale now mirrors reality as we look at the massive growth in GM seeds and their place in gardens […] Read more