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Plant growth regulators are picky about staging — and varieties

Plant growth regulators are picky about staging — and varieties

Research is underway to find which cereal cultivars respond to plant growth regulators

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lodging is a serious issue for crop growers — but plant growth regulators may not be the cure-all producers are hoping for, depending on the variety that’s being grown. “What we really need to do is find a solution for standability, and plant growth regulators may be one of those agronomic tools that we can […] Read more

green wheat lodged in a field

Plant growth regulators aren’t for everyone, says researcher

Producers need to choose a responsive variety and get their staging right 
when using plant growth regulators on wheat

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do plant growth regulators offer a good bang for your buck? Sure — if the conditions are right. If not, you’re wasting your money. “Plant growth regulators aren’t to be used on every acre, like a herbicide or nitrogen fertilizer,” said Sheri Strydhorst, a research scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “Producers need to […] Read more

“We lost money with most advanced agronomic practices. Most things actually resulted in a net economic loss.”

Fungicide application offers best bang for your buck — in the right conditions

Expert says fungicides paid off big for wheat in wet conditions, 
but plant growth regulators and extra nitrogen weren’t worth the cost

Reading Time: 3 minutes You know the old saying: In order to make money, you’ve got to spend money. But spend it wisely, says an Alberta Agriculture research scientist. “There’s a lot of different agronomic practices out there that you can spend money on — but which ones are going to make you money?” Sheri Strydhorst asked attendees at […] Read more