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Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

Getting the lowdown on your farm’s financial health

Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer is a quick way to determine whether your farm is on the right financial track, says farm finance specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Excel program available from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development can help producers assess the financial state of their farm business. The Agricultural Business Analyzer (ABA) Simple Farm Ratio Analyzer gives users a quick idea of the financial health of their farm or ranch as well as a comparison of their business’s ratios to industry […] Read more

Ratio analyzer can analyze your farm business health

Free downloadable program analyzes eight key financial entries

Reading Time: 2 minutes As you review your 2013 farm financials and prepare for 2014, your year-end net worth statement or balance sheet for 2013 becomes your opening net worth statement for 2014,” says Rick Dehod, agricultural farm finance specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “With this current information in hand, it is a good time to look […] Read more