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Late-summer launch for protein projects

Reading Time: < 1 minute Protein Industries Canada says it will receive up to $153 million in federal funding for its efforts to make Canada a world leader in the development of plant-based proteins. The consortium of more than 120 businesses, farm groups, universities, and other industry players is one of five groups sharing $950 million over five years from […] Read more

There will be a lot more processors like Saskatchewan’s AGT Foods if a new plant protein ‘supercluster’ achieves its goals.

Plant protein supercluster makes cut for federal funding

Protein Industries Canada says becoming a world leader in using plant protein will create thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Plant protein is joining the ranks of artificial intelligence, big data, advanced manufacturing, and ocean-based energy in the federal government’s plan to drive the Canadian economy in the coming decades. Protein Industries Canada is one of the five ‘supercluster’ proposals selected earlier this month to share $950 million in federal cash over the next five […] Read more