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St. Paul-area farmer Lynn Dargis developed the grain-pricing app to make it easier for farmers to compare grain prices.

Alberta producer creates an ‘Expedia for grain prices’

Farmbucks compares grain prices on offer from buyers in Western Canada

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lynn Dargis was fed up trying to compare grain prices last winter. A busy farmer with a 4,400-acre grain operation, 2,000-head feedlot, and three small children, Dargis didn’t always have time to log into each grain buyer’s website to find the best prices. But she also knew she couldn’t afford to leave money on the […] Read more

New app for price forecasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canfax has created a new, free app to forecast market prices. By using historical Canfax data, CFXPro helps project, from current market conditions, what calf prices might look like in the fall. Included in this guide are prices of calves, a break-even calculator, futures market information and daily updates on the new price insurance numbers […] Read more