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Goats and sheep outdoor on a farm

Has the time come again for Canadian producers to go deep into sheep?

Sheep and goats are challenging beasts but they can offer a way into farming for new entrants

Reading Time: 3 minutes The revival of the small farm has created a new interest in sheep and goats. And although Canadians are not known to be big consumers of lamb, mutton or goat meat, there is a much greater demand than there is product. Canada only produces 40 per cent of the lamb needed for consumers. As the […] Read more

The federal government has committed to increasing the number of immigrants to 350,000 annually by 2021.

Opinion: We need to welcome our new Canadian neighbours

To fill the tens of thousands of jobs in agriculture, we must make the sector more attractive to immigrants

Reading Time: 3 minutes As agriculture faces acute shortages of people at every level, it is a good time to talk about the value in immigration. The federal government has committed to increasing the number of immigrants to 350,000 annually by 2021. What does that mean for Canada? The majority of immigrants currently come from three countries: China, India […] Read more

Do More Ag to offer mental health first aid training

Reading Time: < 1 minute A $50,000 grant will allow a new non-profit to provide mental health first aid training for producers and agriculture industry professionals in select communities across Canada. The Do More Agriculture Foundation was set up this winter to provide support and mental health resources to farmers. The grant from Farm Credit Canada will fund a pilot […] Read more

Do More Agriculture Foundation co-founders Himanshu Singh (left), Lesley Rae Kelly (centre), and Kim Keller launched the new mental-health focused non-profit at FarmTech in January.

‘Do More Ag’ mental health initiative for farmers receives grant

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new non-profit focused on destigmatizing mental illness in the agriculture industry and offering resources designed specifically for farmers has received a $20,000 grant from Bayer Canada. The Do More Agriculture Foundation was co-founded by Saskatchewan farmers Lesley Rae Kelly and Kim Keller earlier this year. “The support from Bayer will allow The Do More […] Read more

National food policy council needed

Reading Time: < 1 minute A coalition of more than 50 farm groups and food companies want Ottawa to create a national food policy council. The council “would bring together key stakeholders from across the food system to work collaboratively with the government,” said the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Among other things, it would address food insecurity; high levels of […] Read more

Agricultural biomass in the spotlight

Reading Time: < 1 minute Using agricultural biomass to create fuels, chemicals, and materials will be in the spotlight at an upcoming conference in Edmonton promoting innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while advancing the bio-industrial sector. While many of the speakers are from the energy sector, there will be several presentations with an agricultural focus. A trio of professors […] Read more

Horse owners and riders urged to take survey

Horse owners and riders urged to take survey

Survey closes Oct. 31

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada is conducting a survey to gauge awareness, implementation, and compliance with the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines. The code, released in 2013, is a comprehensive guideline covering basic food and water needs; shelter; freedom of movement; companionship; veterinary and farrier care; husbandry practice; and […] Read more

This is a still from the documentary “Secret Alberta – The Former Life of Amber Valley.” The film covers the history, legacy, and notable descendants of the most northern black settlement.

Legacy of Alberta’s black pioneers honoured

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta’s black pioneers have been recognized with a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque at Amber Valley Cultural Centre in Amber Valley. Between 1908 and 1911, more than 1,000 black Americans left Oklahoma and surrounding states to settle in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, seeking freedom from racial segregation and economic opportunity. They chose […] Read more

Tens of thousands turn to 211 helpline

Reading Time: < 1 minute A helpline that connects Albertans to community, government, and social services received more than 88,000 calls in 2016. Just over half of all calls to the 211 number last year were about income and social assistance; housing supports; transportation; and public service information. The call data provides “a view to the mostly invisible social service […] Read more

Modular construction using repurposed steel shipping containers — such as these bachelor units with 
fold-down beds — can significantly reduce the cost of social housing.

Homelessness a hidden problem in rural Alberta

Affordable rental units, especially for families, are in short supply 
in most small towns and rural areas in the province

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s easy to assume homelessness is a big-city issue. While not as visible, the shortage of adequate, affordable housing is also a very real challenge faced by many rural communities. “I’m a strong believer that everyone deserves a place to call home,” said Joshua Benard, the passionate project manager for a Sustainable Housing Initiative at […] Read more