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Greig: Lessons learned from Ontario crops’ pest pressures

The warmer winter and subsequent drought defined the 2016 cropping season in Ontario, resulting in more disease and insect pressures and then challenges managing them. Three agronomists gave an overview of the 2016 cropping season at the SouthWest Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown, outlining challenges and wins for the year. Leanne Freitag, Cargill’s manager of agronomy […] Read more

Spider mites have been damaging more ash and poplar trees this year.

Keep watch for drought stress in trees, says specialist

Toso Bozic said several pests are adding to the stress on 
trees this year, and recommends weekly monitoring

Recent dry conditions are putting a lot of pressure on trees, says a provincial woodlot extension specialist. “It’s an invitation for insect and disease problems, not just for this year, but for upcoming years as well,” said Toso Bozic. There are several insects to keep an eye out for. “Yellow-headed spruce sawfly has been a […] Read more

New chemistry launched as fruit mite control

The first member of the benzoylacetonitrile group of crop insecticides (Group 25) to come to market in North America will be a mite control for fruit crops. BASF Canada announced Tuesday it has picked up registration for Nealta, a 200-gram-per-litre suspension concentrate of cyflumetofen, billed as a control for all life stages of tetranychid mites […] Read more