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Dispelling the myths about steroid use in beef production

Dispelling the myths about steroid use in beef production

Beef 911: Talk about ‘steroid-free beef’ is misleading — they are rarely used 
and only for very specific reasons

Reading Time: 3 minutes There has been lots said lately about added steroids in beef. Although steroids are used for very specific treatments regarding specific conditions, their use if anything is minimal and has been greatly reduced even further with the NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This article will go over specific uses where steroids produce beneficial results to our […] Read more

Gristle is created when connective tissue molecules form collagen cross-links. A new study found growth promotants increase the number of these cross-links.

Growth promotants in cattle can impact tenderness, says study

Researcher warns against steroid or beta-agonist use in cattle 
that won’t be slaughtered until they’re 16 months or older

Reading Time: 3 minutes The longer cattle are exposed to steroids and other growth promotants before slaughter, the more likely its beef will pay a penalty in terms of tenderness, said a researcher from the University of Alberta. Meat scientist Heather Bruce and her team recently conducted a study on the effects of growth promotants on collagen cross-links — […] Read more