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Watch closely for damp grain in storage bins

Wet grain has to be dealt with quickly, hot grain cooled down

Wet weather has not only slowed down harvesting and reduced quality, but increased the potential for storage problems, says provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “There might be a temptation to harvest damp or wet grain just to get it in the bin,” said Brook. “But the issue of wet grain has to be dealt with […] Read more

Bold — and well organized — thieves make off with $15,000 worth of canola

Grain confetti, a good lock, and storing high-value crops close to home can deter thieves

A bit of canola underneath the hopper bottom was the only sign something was wrong at Randy Syvenky’s grain bins on the outskirts of Edmonton. But a look inside the bin showed that more than $15,000 worth of canola had been stolen sometime in the night. “It looks like they took 40 tonnes or about 1,200 […] Read more