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Kristen Ritson-Bennett admits being overwhelmed when she started her first business but a skill development program for women entrepreneurs ‘propelled’ the launch of her second one this summer.

It’s not just a man’s world in the ag business sector anymore

Times have changed, and now training and access to capital for women entrepreneurs are catching up

Reading Time: 5 minutes Running a farm. Volunteering. Managing one business. Starting another. Raising a young child while pregnant with her second. Kristen Ritson-Bennett had a lot on her plate as she worked her way through the Success for Women in Agri-Food program over the past two years. “I don’t necessarily believe in work-life balance. I just don’t see […] Read more

Heather Broughton (l) and Bryanna Kumpula.

Want to give back? Mentors wanted for female agri-food entrepreneurs

The Success for Women in Agri-Food program is searching for mentors 
across the province willing to share their experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes When faced with a problem at work, most people head straight to their boss’s office for advice. But what happens when you are the boss? That was Bryanna Kumpula’s challenge when she became executive director at the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta four years ago. And when that happened, she turned to her mentor […] Read more

Better credit risk, smaller loan

It’s not just that women get turned down for loans more often, 
but that too many aren’t getting a proper financial education

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2014, I published a detailed report on the development of mentorship programs for women in agriculture from a global perspective. This report (which can be found at has since given flight to a number of global study topics with other Nuffield Scholars. Recently, a report in Alberta published by the Agriculture & Food […] Read more