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Pain control for cattle the new normal

The beef code of practice recommends pain control medication for procedures such as dehorning and castrating

Times are changing, and both growing social pressure and knowledge about animal welfare is making pain control part of the equation in cattle production. “Society expects it of us, and it’s part of that social licence to operate,” said John Campbell, a veterinarian and head of large-animal clinical sciences at the Western College of Veterinary […] Read more

What if my horse needs colic surgery?

Horse Health: The majority of cases can be addressed non-invasively, 
but sometimes surgery is necessary to save the horse’s life

The chance that your horse might require surgery for colic is low, very low, yet mentally entertaining the possibility and having a game plan could make a difference for you and your horse. The reason for this is simply because a successful outcome to colic surgery is time sensitive. While deciding to do colic surgery […] Read more