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Swath grazing reduces feeding expenses, but can cost you if not done right. Agriculture Canada scientists Vern Baron and John Duynisveld offer tips for successful swath and bale grazing in a Beef Cattle Research Council webinar.

Three tips for swath and bale grazing this winter

Match your cows and your feed, leave a ‘snowshoe’ if mud is an issue, and make those swaths wide and high

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re planning to swath or bale graze cattle this winter, here are three pieces of advice from Agriculture Canada research scientists Vern Baron in Lacombe and John Duynisveld in Nappan, N.S. Match animal and forage Successful extended grazing matches the energy requirements of the cow with the true quality of the forage and/or supplement […] Read more

pregnant cow

Dealing with a lack of calcium in pregnant cows

Beef and forage specialist Barry Yaremcio does the math on providing this mineral 
to pregnant cows

Reading Time: 2 minutes When feeding cereal silage, greenfeed or swath grazing to pregnant cows, there can be a concern with a lack of calcium and magnesium. An added product can often be the solution. “In this situation, an added product should have more calcium than phosphorus,” said Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist, with the Ag-Info Centre in […] Read more

Beef cattle producers can save thousands of dollars by swath grazing cereals over the winter, says Vern Baron.  Photo: Jennifer Blair

Swath grazing cereals saves half of overwintering costs in beef cattle

With new higher-yielding, higher-quality forage cereals in the works, there 
has never been a better time for beef cattle producers to try swath grazing cereals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Swath grazing cereals could save producers almost half the cost of overwintering cattle, says a federal forage researcher. “Extended grazing practices like swath grazing, bale grazing, and grazing second-cut grasses in the fall are one of the most effective ways to reduce your overwintering costs of beef cows,” Vern Baron said at the Lacombe Field […] Read more