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Rare is not a good idea, especially given the discovery by Alberta researchers of new strains of E. coli that can withstand very high temperatures.

Alberta scientists discover new heat-resistant strains of E. coli

The new strains found by U of A scientists can survive the 
temperature recommended by Health Canada for proper cooking

You might need to cook your meat at a higher temperature next time you fire up the barbecue. Scientists from the University of Alberta have found a new heat-resistant E. coli that can survive at 71 C — the level of heat advised by Health Canada for proper cooking. “We discovered that some strains of […] Read more

Mild Prairie temperatures not expected to last

CNS Canada — Despite recent mild temperatures that are forecast to hang around the Canadian Prairies for the next week, a weather expert says a colder bias will return during the latter stages of the month. “It will take a while for it to come back, but it will come back,” said Drew Lerner of […] Read more