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Abrupt change in rules for temporary foreign workers is wrong

Thousands of hardworking and dedicated people have been cut adrift because of changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

In Alberta, the shortage of workers is so critical that experts estimate the province will be 96,000 persons short by 2023. With unemployment at 4.7 per cent (and well under four per cent per cent in some regions), the situation is warrants attention. At that rate Alberta dips into a demographic that should not be […] Read more

“The rules and procedures seem to change on a regular basis...

‘Cover your butt’ when it comes to temporary foreign worker program

Farm businesses are seeing frequent rule changes, 
inconsistent decision-making, and red tape following 
changes to the temporary foreign worker program

Changes to the temporary foreign worker program has made hiring foreign labour more difficult and costly — especially for lower-skill, lower-wage positions most often seen in agriculture. And while primary agriculture gets some exemptions under the new rules implemented in June, the big challenge is red tape, says an immigration consultant who works with farms […] Read more