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Fortunately there’s a better way to thresh

Fortunately there’s a better way to thresh

Reading Time: < 1 minute They claimed they were going for a Guinness world record, but it was all just in fun — which was a good thing considering the results. Organizers of the recent Farming Smarter conference urged attendees to set a record for ‘hand-threshing’ wheat in 60 seconds. The exercise was eye-opening: This group rubbing the chaff off […] Read more

Vic Almond shows how to hand tie a stook that wasn’t bound properly by the binder.

It’s been a very special year in Ponoka

The horse-powered era of farming has come back to life for Foodgrains Bank fundraiser

Reading Time: 4 minutes They brought in the right ‘team’ and dusted off the ‘know-how’ to complete the first stage of harvest for the Growing with Horses project near Ponoka. Sharing the experience of what farming was like a century ago was a big reason why Ken and Verna Pohl came up with the unique take on the popular […] Read more

Grab your pitchfork, it’s threshing time!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Want to take a trip back in time? The Ponoka Ag Society will be hosting a Farming With Horses threshing party on Saturday, Sept. 19 starting around noon. People are invited to bring a pitchfork (three tine) to help load bundles on the racks and a lawn chair. They can purchase beef on a bun […] Read more