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Two slides of the same land from the website: The lower ‘wetlands turned on’ slide shows a potentially much larger wetland area, which is apparent in the upper photo. What constitutes a permanent or semi-permanent wetland can only be determined by a wetland scientist, but if they aren’t considered ephemeral, a costly environmental impact assessment is required before any drainage can be installed.

Do your homework before installing tile drainage

Finding out what constitutes a wetland and finding a suitable outlet for drained water are two key considerations

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tile drainage is becoming increasingly popular among Alberta producers concerned about losing valuable land and inputs to excess water. Although tile drainage can be beneficial, it is not without its dangers if a system is designed incorrectly — or if producers don’t know the rules. In Alberta, tile drainage systems — like all drainage or […] Read more

Tile drainage, long common in Ontario and the U.S. Midwest, is now attracting more attention in Alberta.

Both pros and cons to tile drainage

Being able to remove excess moisture is a big plus, but there are a lot of factors to take into account

Reading Time: 3 minutes It wasn’t long ago that if you asked most Alberta producers if they used tile drainage, they likely wouldn’t know what you were talking about. A common practice in Ontario and the U.S. Midwest, it’s only in recent years that Alberta growers have warmed to this system in which subsurface tubes remove excess moisture from […] Read more

Work on tile drainage installation has been underway on Craig Shaw’s Lacombe-area farm since last year.  

Pricey tile worth the money, producers say

Costs of up to $1.20 a foot means tiling makes the most sense in areas with ‘substantial rainfall’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hidden in the hills west of Bentley, an eight-mile system of black plastic tubing snakes its way underground through the low areas, silently sucking excess moisture out of the saturated valleys that have made working the land a struggle for area farmers like Jason Lenz. But since installing his tile drainage system nearly 30 years […] Read more