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Barley south of Ethelton, Sask. on Aug. 3, 2017. (Dave Bedard photo)

Alberta wheat, barley groups test merged management

Already sharing an office and support staff, the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley are taking the next step by sharing a manager. The two grower commissions announced Wednesday that the AWC’s general manager Tom Steve will now serve also as Alberta Barley’s general manager, replacing Rob Davies. With Steve on board, the two commissions’ […] Read more

What does your grain sell for at port?

What does your grain sell for at port?

When grain gridlock hit two years ago, the gap between the elevator and port price appears to have skyrocketed — and cost farmers billions

Reading Time: 4 minutes The jury’s still out on whether knowing the price of export grain relative to local cash prices will help producers get better prices. But the Alberta Wheat Commission intends to find out. “The port price would provide an indication of whether the system is constrained or functioning efficiently,” said Tom Steve, the commission’s general manager. […] Read more

Tom Steve

Don’t just grow crops, grow food processing

A stronger ag-sector would be the result, says AWC general manager

Reading Time: < 1 minute Think big picture, says the general manager of the Alberta Wheat Commission. “We’ve seen the ministry roll out a rural development strategy, and we support that,” said Tom Steve. “But if you look at who the wealth creators are in rural communities, it tends to be the farmer… we need to find a way to […] Read more

Following the money: Farm leaders say it’s well spent

Following the money: Farm leaders say it’s well spent

Saskatchewan and Manitoba aiming to keep admin costs below 15 per cent of spending —
but their Alberta counterparts aren’t sure it can be done

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do Alberta’s wheat and barley commissions have a spending problem? The chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission suggested as much when he took a shot at GrainsWest, a magazine published quarterly by the Alberta Barley Commission and Alberta Wheat Commission. “You’ll not see us putting out a great big glossy magazine,” Bill Gehl said […] Read more