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This small box — a data logger — could make life a lot easier on the ranch and at the feedlot by automating the process of tracking cattle.

Traceability poised for next step: Auto tracking of cattle

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is tapping 
into new technology to make traceability fast and easy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Automated tracking of cattle may soon be a reality. During the coming year, the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) will be experimenting throughout the province with data loggers installed at farms, feedlots, and auction markets to track cattle as they move through the value chain. “Movement is very difficult to track, especially when animals are […] Read more

Hearts start to race when Joel Martens — a.k.a. the Ranch Tracker — and his horse Hummer are hunting for you.

It’s an adrenaline rush when the Ranch Tracker is on your trail

Reading Time: 2 minutes When people see Joel Martens and his horse Hummer, they often start running — and for good reason. The Red Deer rancher is the Ranch Tracker — operating his version of “Mantracker,” a Canadian reality TV show in which contestants try to avoid capture while traversing the wilderness to a ‘finish line.’ “It’s quite fun,” […] Read more