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Concerns about unions and how families would be affected sparked Bill 6 protests, like this one at the legislature, across Alberta a year ago. A working group has unanimously recommended families be largely exempt, but the labour relations committee was deeply split over the right to unionize and strike.

Battle lines drawn on allowing farm workers to unionize

There’s agreement on issues such as overtime and exempting families from the labour code, but prospect of unionization is a flashpoint

Reading Time: 6 minutes Producers remain at odds with the NDP government’s plan to include the right to unionize — and to go on strike — as part of its workplace safety legislation for farms and ranches. “In some areas, we did see some movement and we did get to resolutions,” said Gord Winkel, interim executive director of the […] Read more

Farmer walking toward combine.

Farm groups plan to lead the way on workplace safety

With Bill 6 consultations drawing to a close, AgCoalition aims to ‘show the world’ how to make farms safer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Now that the province’s Bill 6 consultation process is nearing an end, what’s next for the unprecedented coalition of Alberta farm groups? “The AgCoalition was initially set up to advance a safety culture, and yet it got embroiled in a consultation process that it didn’t really have a lot of time or purchase for,” said […] Read more