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Watch for yellow or brown leaves on elms

Watch for yellow or brown leaves on elms

Reading Time: < 1 minute If elms on your property are in autumn mode already, they may be infected with Dutch elm disease (DED). “Symptoms of DED infection are leaves initially wilting followed by curling, turning yellow, and then brown,” said Janet Feddes-Calpas, executive director of the Society to Prevent Dutch Elm Disease. “This is also referred to as flagging. […] Read more

Black knot is a fungal disease spread by spores, but the spores are inactive in winter.

Cold weather is an ideal time for pruning diseased trees

Black knot and fire blight can be easily spread when it’s warm but not in winter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Very few people think of pruning in the dead of winter, but it’s probably the best time when it comes to trees infested with black knot and fire blight. “The beauty of winter pruning is that there are no leaves, and you will have a clear picture where to prune,” said Toso Bozic, a provincial […] Read more